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babiesof0708's Journal

Babies of 2007-2008
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This community is for moms (or dads) with babies that are due or born in 2007-2008. You can post about anything you want here too thats pregnancy related or baby related.

Please fill this survey out as your first post.

Name and age:
Are you married, single or engaged?:
Do you have any other kids? If so how old?:
Birth or Due Date:
Do you know the sex?:
What names do you have picked out for the baby or thinking of?:
What do you like the most about being pregnant?:
What do you like the least about being pregnant?:
**OPTIONAL** Post a picture if you want, but be sure to use an LJ-CUT. If you don't know how look under FAQ it'll tell you how there.

If you also want to be added to the birth date/due date page then click the below link and comment on it.


You may promote only baby and pregnancy related communities in here.